Friday, March 27, 2009

Shot of the Day #86: A Night at the Troubadour

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

Here we have Wolves In The Throne Room, my new favorite metal band, hammering atmosphere and erecting walls of sound at the (in)famous Troubadour club in West Hollywood. I miss going to shows, miss shooting them even more. There's nothing like walking out of a dark, dank club with your ears bleeding. But these guys, which you could say are a mix of Black Metal, Crust Punk and a dash of Engelbert Humperdink, delivered in a way that I never expected. The crowd was entranced as the band powered through what I THOUGHT was about 5-6 songs, which left the audience deaf and loving it. This band was so frikkin' cool, at the end of the final song, they left the feedback going (which usually means the song is still going) and just started to pack up in front of an audience that thought it was part of the show! Now THAT's working-class metal at it's finest. Plus the lead singer has this crazy blue light on his guitar, which cut through the purple smoke on-stage like Sam Jackson's Lightsaber (probably the coolest thing ABOUT his character, sadly). I had never seen that before, and it just made the show even cooler.

Highlight of the show: Would be watching a slight man in a chef outfit weaving through the throes of black metal fans and the Hollywood hipsters (what are they doing here?!) with some gourmet pizza in his hand like he was in a quaint cafe in Little Italy.

Thanks to Matt for the tickets and thanks to Wolves for the Metal.



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