Saturday, March 07, 2009

Shot of the Day #66: Introducing: The Remobile!

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

Feast your eyes on one bad-ass lil' bastard. Sweet, huh?

This was originally a christmas gift from my father to me when i was 8, one of his last ditch attempt to lure me to the "gearhead" side. I remember Dad saying it wasn't quite drivable yet; "-just needs a govenor" (whatever that is....see? Totally auto-tarded. Sad.) so in the small window we had where I could actually fit into the upgraded go-kart, we never got to make it street-safe, so it sat there, dormant, in my father's garage/sanctuary, an occasional conversation piece.

My brother Andrew told me today that Dad's wish was that he finish what the Old Man started, but for the next generation; that the Red Rocket you see above would be operational by the time Mr. Plissken can reach the gas pedal. When he told me this, it almost felt like destiny, like it was meant for Remy...that it always was.
Forgive me for going all Jedi, i guess the Yoda doll has been rubbing off on me. Not a bad thing.

Our last day home has been a bouquet of emotions for everyone here, one that's not going to be easily digested or explained. But just trying to wrap my head around this piece of our family history, an object of my Dad's passions passed onto his first son (and somewhat sadly shunned)...and then grandson, gives me hope for more smiles in the future. God knows we need 'em.

So get ready for some killer, FRENCH CONNECTION/GRAN PRIX type filmed shit when Remalicious can put the P to the M. I can't wait to watch him go and shoot the fuck out of it, make him give Statham a run for his Audi.

Bring it Statham!



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