Sunday, August 26, 2007

FRIGHT FEST DAY....? (A quickie)

Hi all,

Im sorry i haven't been able to update, but it's only because i've been in my hotel room for a total of 7 hours since I got here on Thursday. These horror fans know how to live it up! Despite losing about 10 pounds in water weight to my incessant sweating (to the point where I had to o purchase a Gayish Headband, dubbing me the "Jane Fonda" of the Fest by Cinema Guru/FF organizer Alan Jones (the cheeky bastard), its been such a great time here, and everyone has been so nice and supportive. I dont want to leave!

But I just wanted to let you know a quick status on the World short....


I think we KICKED ASS. Seriously, i'll go into detail later, but it was one of the most gratifying experiences of my life to watch a packed crowd eat every scene up, especially the deaths and of course, Sir Rollins. I think they really responded to the "Splatter" tone and seemed to get every joke, jump in all the right moments, and cheer with every gory demise. It was smashing!

Afterwards I did a Q&A and then got mobbed by the crowd, who I guess were all blown away..."Better than the original!"..."This was the shock of the Festival, I LOVED it!"..."This NEEDS to go theatrical here mate!" was more than any reaction i would have expected, seriously. I thought it would have played well here regardless since it was a die-hard horror crowd who would "get it", but not as killer as it actually did! I was so was a glorious moment for the film, and really, only the beginning.

Gotta run back to see Green's premiere of SPIRAL (so excited) and then DAY WATCH & THE ORPHANAGE...then try to get a LITTLE shut eye before my early morning flight. Wish me luck I dont pull a Vancouver and make the flight within minutes..or worse, a Tokyo where I left my passport in my hotel and didnt realize it till i get to the airport.

"See You Next Wednesday",
The American Werewolf


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