Wednesday, November 29, 2006

MASTERPIECE...and some WT2 family sightings...

I got to see one of the best films of my life over the weekend.

PAN'S LABYRINTH. I will not waste time or mince words in describing this masterpiece. Yes, you will hear that a lot over this film, director Guillemero Del Toro's fantasy/horror/war drama hybrid about a little girl and her journey into fantastical darkness amidst Fascist reign over spain in 1944.

Not to get too deep and sentimental, but as the credits rolled, so did the tears. Not tears like "end of PHILADELPHIA or MY LIFE" crying, but just tears of joy...over how magical this film is. You will not see too many films that instill such a sense of wonder and a joy for film in general. Before you point a finger and laugh, stating "Lynch's a wuss!", recall for yourself when you saw one of the films that made such an impact on you (and if you haven't had that feeling yet, then well, you might just not love movies), that film that just punched your gut in and makes you smile every time you think of a scene, or an image or a moment. PAN'S worked for me on every level, and to me it's the culmination of all of Del Toro's work up to this point, his creative peak. It is what we as filmmakers all strive for but seldom achieve, due to one conflict, compromise or another...a perfect film.

Seek this film out and tell me it's not 2 hours of pure cinematic gold.

On the WT2 front (well, not really) I wanted to give a shout out to our own Steve "Jonsey" Braun, who just bent over and RAWKED Gilmore Girls last week!
"What, Lynch, you watch the GIRLS?"
Shit, ya got me, or at least know who has the remote on Tuesday nights (although Im still in love with VERONICA MARS even though this season sucks a cock) but lo and behold, we're watching and Steve bursts into a party scene as "Trip Cavanaugh", debonair socialite who spews forth a Gil-monologue so sharp and vibrant it would have made Mamet cream his jeans. If there was ever an actor better suited for the fast-paced dialogue of that show, it's muthafuckin' Steve Braun. Way to go Buddy! If you get the chance in re-runs (for some reason it was on over the weekend...a TiVo SAVE!) the title of the episode of "Introducing Lorelai Planetarium"...

Plus, Crystal Lowe, who seems to ALWAYS be shooting these days, has ANOTHER movie that just came out called TOTALLY AWESOME, written and directed by Neal Brennan, one half of the genius team behind CHAPELLE'S SHOW, and if you love 80's movies like JUST ONE OF THE GUYS and GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN (or anything else that uses a song title) its a total blast. Crystal has a smallish part, but it's a NUT-CRACKER.

I've been trying to keep up with all my cast's happenings (thought I saw Aleska on WITHOUT A TRACE, Clint (BROTHER) just KILLED on Tobe Hooper's MOH episode, Leehrsen is hanging with David Caruso on CSI: MIAMI, Matty Holmes just finished an indie horror film and I hear great things on the Texas Battle front too...and we all know how Danny is involved in that OTHER Cannibal Mutant Hillbilly sequel for FOX) and will update when i can. It's great to see everyone kicking ass!!!

That is all...Lynch out!


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