Thursday, September 28, 2006


Hey all,

Random post...friends of mine are in an AMAZING band that made me actually reconsider my disdain for country. Their name is KING STRAGGLER, and their collaboration was borne from the creative loins of 3 actor/musicians (Rodney Eastman, Brentley Gore and John Hawkes, with Dan Thompson and Mike Devlin rounding out the ensemble) who have made bluegrass cool again. There are so many amazing tracks on their album to single one out, but if you like your country/bluegrass/rock with a hint of darkness, I'd say check out "Good Man" or the hauntingly beautiful "Annalee" for a taste of their musical genius, of don't take the recordings word for it, go and seek them out LIVE, which is one hell of a show.

These talented fuckers might not even be considered Country really (sorry if that scared anyone off...METAL METAL METAL!! Is that better?), but if you're looking for cool music, look no fucking further.

Check out their site here and their myspace page there

Man i gotta see JACKASS 2...


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